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The results are in… Here are the Winter 2016 International Screenwriting Contest Winners, Runners-up and Honorable Mentions! Thanks to all who entered!

First, thanks again to everyone who entered the Winter 2016 contest. It’s been awesome reading through all your scripts and talking with everyone who’s got in touch. Don’t be down if you lost out, this has been our best field of scripts for a long time. If you’d like to know why your script got to the point it did but no further, we’d be delighted to help – order a consultancy and we’ll give you our analysis of your script and its current standing in the market. Meanwhile, you can come back stronger and take a new shot at our Spring 2017 Contest, as many writers have already done…

Head to our Facebook page and our Twitter feed to congratulate our top three winners yourself!

Here’s what our Top 3 win…

  • Our Grand Prize winner receives $2000 in cash.
  • The 3 winners will receive one year free of script development and mentoring.
  • We’ll also pitch and promote the scripts to the top of the film industry. Remind yourself what makes for winning writing at our Insights page HERE.


Ruben created a fascinating script concept and executed it with strong potential – we’ll be proud to help develop and pitch it over the next year. Considering this field of scripts has been our strongest in a while, this is a win to be really proud of.


Big congratulations must also go out to Second-placed winner THE ARENA by Belinda Whitney and Third-placed winner IN THE SHADOW OF FREEDOM by Elliott Riebman & Michael Gozzard. These two will also receive the free year of script development and guaranteed pitching to the film industry, and maybe in one of our previous contests, either could have won. But these positions are something to be proud of in and of itself. Congrats to you both.

 We’d also like to give Honorable Mentions to all the other scripts that nearly made our top 3 – on another day any of these could have made it. Well done to: JEFFERY’S NATION by Carla Bester, PARAD’EYES by Jerome Bon & Stephane Couston, INSURRECTION – EPISODE 1 by Simon Bowler, METACOMET by Richard Guimond, MYSPACE LOVE by Christophe Lourenço, CLEMENTE by Ian Ryan and Joseph Loizzi, and FIRE MOUNTAIN by Anthony Salamnon and Ronnie S. Riskalla. We think that with further development there is strong potential in all of these scripts and others we’ve read.

Here is the list of finalists for the WriteMovies Winter 2016 International Screenwriting Competition!





Belinda Whitney, THE ARENA Elliott Riebman & Michael Gozzard, IN THE SHADOW OF FREEDOM


Carla Bester, JEFFERY’S NATION Jerome Bon & Stephane Couston, PARAD’EYES Simon Bowler, INSURRECTION – EPISODE 1
Edith Devillet, LES NIOCKS  Richard Guimond, METACOMET Christophe Lourenço, MYSPACE LOVE
 Ian Ryan & Joseph Loizzi, CLEMENTE Anthony Salamnon & Ronnie S. Riskalla, FIRE MOUNTAIN

To see the results of every round of the Winter 2016 Competition CLICK HERE and remember to enter our current main contest, the Spring 2017 Screenwriting Competition