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With the deadline for the WriteMovies 2022 Writing Contest fast approaching on Sunday, and as we pitch all our winners to industry, we’re keeping a close eye on recent script sales from 2022.

Here’s our roundup of recent script sales from 2022 that caught our eye, and what they mean for you…

  • It’s been 38 years since the release of THIS IS SPINAL TAP, but it’s finally going to see a sequel, with the original cast set to return to their roles. With many classic films from the ’80s seeing remakes and sequels, and with the popularity of such series as STRANGER THINGS, it’s clear that tapping into nostalgia can be a good tactic for screenwriters.
  • Book adaptations have always been popular, but it seems that video game adaptations are becoming a bigger thing now despite historic struggles to make them work. Both GHOST OF TSUSHIMA and STREETS OF RAGE are set to be adapted to the big screen. Remember: adaptations are popular with producers because they bring a pre-established audience with them.
  • A number of upcoming projects already have big stars attached: Jason Momoa for THE EXECUTIONER, Michelle Pfeiffer for WILD FOUR O’CLOCKS, and Michael Keaton for KNOX GOES AWAY among others. Writing compelling characters that will attract big-name actors is crucial for getting your script produced; don’t underestimate star power!
  • The success of THE BATMAN has already assured it will receive a sequel, with Robert Pattinson to star again and Matt Reeves to return as writer/director. With Batman an already established franchise, this is unsurprising news – but it’s also an important reminder that producers are always on the lookout for scripts with franchise potential.

Click here if you want to see the full list of April 2022 script sales from Script Pipeline, or click here to see the full list of script sales from May 2022.

Is there anything from these script sales that grabbed your attention, or do you think your script could beat them out? Enter the WriteMovies 2022 Writing Contest to get your work pitched to industry! Click here to enter!

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