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Trainees and interns have been a great support to us at WriteMovies, giving us extra sets of eyes on varied scripts to give entrants the fairest chance possible, and in return getting full training and practice to become approved WriteMovies-trained script analysts.
Sana Fijiwala recently finished her traineeship and has received a certificate to showcase her achievement.

Here’s what Sana has had to say:Sana

“After graduating from London School of Economics in 2011, I worked in Finance for 4 years before deciding to switch careers and pursue my dream of working in films. In 2016, I studied Screenplay Writing Diploma at Actor Prepares, Mumbai. Post diploma, I wanted first-hand exposure into how scripts are analysed and selected by industry professionals. I applied for the Write Movies Internship as it seemed like the ideal opportunity to enhance my understanding of screenplays. 

The intensive 8-week internship allows trainees to review a variety of material from new as well as produced writers. The internship gives you access to valuable resources like studio manuals, report templates, sample reports and dozens of screenplays. It was time intensive, challenging and eye-opening. Reviewing an array of professional scripts gave me a reality check about how much work I need to do before writing industry standard material. In addition, having a supportive mentor like Ian, helped me stay on track and push myself to do better. All tasks are followed by constructive feedback which I found very useful. The overall experience has given me a lot of pointers that will hopefully help me in the professional arena.”

To become our next trainee to gain this experience for your own career, APPLY HERE at our vacancies page. As the work is challenging, we suggest that only highly literate graduates apply.