WriteMovies founder Dr. Alexander Ross just completed 4 years of extensive research for his PhD investigating thousands of films to identify key factors that determine their success or failure.

Alex Ross

For this, he worked with not only leading Hollywood players, but business school based researchers globally. This has given him a unique insight into the replicable keys of success, which he includes in the feedback he provides his consulting clients.

This type of textual deconstruction was validated by George Lucas when he started to work on the script which became STAR WARS (1977). Alexander also wrote the “Studio Manual” which outlines the way production companies assess your script.

You can benefit from the input of both of these by getting script consulting directly from Alex, increasing your chances of a big sale. Instead of wasting your time with the myriad of screenwriting books penned by people without industry experience, or getting into debt by going to film school, find someone with a solid track record of success in creating successful screenwriters. Someone whose every observation on screenwriting had to be validated through facts that were triple checked by examiners.

That person is Dr. Alexander Ross! Click HERE if you want to get Elite Mentoring from Alex, or to see his recent offers, click HERE!

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