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We’ve had a fantastic time reading lots of scripts for our latest genre award, but in the immortal words of HIGHLANDER, “there can be only one”… It’s time to announce the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Award 2020 winner!

There’s been great variety on offer here. We’ve been taken into the depths of space and into the distant future, we’ve explored dystopian societies, alien cultures, virtual realities, and magical worlds.

Imagination is an important part of both science-fiction and fantasy, and there’s been plenty of it on display here!

Remember, though, the most important elements in ANY story, no matter what genre: a unique concept that grabs our attention straight away, characters we invest in and care about, and strong commercial potential.

We’d like to thank everyone who submitted. We were intrigued by the market potential of many of these projects, and industry requests are changing frequently at the moment – watch out for our imminent results for the full Summer 2020 Contest as we choose 3 overall projects to take forward to the market. But one of you gets a shortcut right now to being mentored and pitched to industry as our Sci-Fi and Fantasy Award Winner!

All entrants to the Sci-fi and Fantasy Award are still in the running for our Summer 2020 Quarter-Finals which will be announced in two weeks!

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you… the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Award 2020 winner!



By Samantha Brennan


A big congratulations to Samantha, who has won guaranteed pitching to industry, two sets of Development Notes, and continued script development from us!

We look forward to telling you more about Samantha and her script soon! Watch this space, and in the meantime, find out which other Sci-Fi and Fantasy entrants will progress to our Summer Contest Quarter-Finals soon!



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