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You’ve frightened us with paranormal stories, creepy locations, and terrifying characters – but which was the scariest script of all? Today we announce the winner of the WriteMovies Horror Award!

Horror is a genre that can generate original concepts to scare an audience, and which often requires writers to work within certain limitations. Your scripts didn’t disappoint. We were constantly intrigued by the many exciting ideas and fascinating stories you all came up with.

Yet the scripts that stood out the most were the ones that were told distinctively. Remember: “It’s not what you tell. It’s how you tell it.” If you keep writing and practicing for even just a few minutes every day, you can develop a distinctive voice that can help your work stand out!

If you didn’t win this time around, you can get more feedback through our script report service, which you can check out here. And the journey isn’t necessarily over yet; don’t forget that all submissions have also been entered into the WriteMovies 2022 Writing Contest for free!

The same is true for our Romance and Comedy Award, which is currently open. The standard deadline is this Sunday, February 13th!

It wasn’t easy choosing a winner, but here we are. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the winner of the WriteMovies Horror Award 2022


By Alyssa Stevens

A big congratulations to Alyssa, who has won guaranteed pitching to industry, two sets of Development Notes, and continued script development from us!

We’ll be telling you more about Alyssa and her script soon. Don’t forget to check which of our other Horror Award entrants will progress to the WriteMovies 2022 Writing Contest Quarter-Finals on July 1st!

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