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Keeping your finger on the industry’s pulse is important for any screenwriter, and there’s no better way to know what producers are looking for than to look at recent script sales from the last few months in 2020. Here’s our pick of recent script sales as reported by Script Pipeline.

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  • Starting with horror, the spec script MOTHER LAND has been picked up in a competitive auction – which just goes to show how popular the genre is, and how you can be onto a real winner if you’ve got a great concept!
  • Spyglass Media Group and Phantom Four Films have also picked up the rights for another horror, this one originally a short film titled MR. LONELY. With Korean short film THE TIME AGENT also about to see an adaptation, it’s clear that making a short film can be very successful as a proof-of-concept.
  • Another interesting spec script that’s been sold is SABINE, in which a female detective starts seeing through the eyes of a serial killer she hunts down. In screenwriting, it all starts with a great premise – and this has certainly got one!
  • The spate of remakes and reboots continues (and looks unlikely to stop any time soon!). Disney may be best known for turning their animated films into live-action remakes, but they’re now turning to THE HAUNTED MANSION to give it a fresh lick of paint.
  • Other remakes on the way include PLANES, TRAINS & AUTOMOBILES – set to be produced by and star Will Smith and Kevin Hart – and an adaptation of 80s TV show KNIGHT RIDER.

If you want to see the full list of recent script sales from the last couple of months of 2020, you can see them at Script Pipeline HERE and HERE. And enter our Horror Award before it’s too late by clicking HERE! You’ll also get free entry to our Fall 2020 Screenwriting Contest, with the chance to win the Grand Prize of $3500!


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