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We’re assembling a team of award-winning ghostwriters from among our winners – something that the winners of our recent Horror Award and Fall Contest will all be considered for! We’ll be introducing you to some of our ghostwriters over the coming weeks – but what does it take to join their ranks?

Here at WriteMovies, we’re all about great stories. And that means that all our ghostwriters have one main thing in common: they’re all great storytellers!

When someone gets in touch about our ghostwriting service, we reach out to our screenwriters to find the best fit for their story. We want it told to its maximum potential, and that means matching it with the right person. Here are the facts:

  • ALL of our ghostwriters are award-winners, meaning you can be assured of getting a high quality and production-ready script.
  • Coming from a range of backgrounds, there’s a lot of knowledge on offer. Some have directing or producing credits as well as being writers; from the music industry to business, from journalism to theatre, there’s a wide range of expertise among them!
  • Collaboration is a key skill for any ghostwriter. Having worked with WriteMovies on the development of their own scripts, they’ve proven they know how to take feedback on board and adapt to each client’s wishes.
  • Our writers cover a number of different genres. We have specialists in horror, thrillers, historical dramas, science-fiction and more!
  • It’s not just movie scripts we can tackle, we can write for TV as well! Our ghostwriters have created award-winning TV pilots and understand how to write for both formats.

WriteMovies is uniquely qualified to understand what makes for great screenwriting. Our founder, Dr. Alex Ross, represented Quentin Tarantino and other top writers, and obtained his PhD studying why movies succeed or fail. That means you can be certain we choose our ghostwriters knowing they’ll deliver the best work possible.

So if you have a story that you want told on screen – or know someone else who does! – our Screenplay Ghostwriting service is here to help you make it happen.

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