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Trainees and interns have been a great support to us at WriteMovies, giving us extra sets of eyes on varied scripts to give entrants the fairest chance possible, and in return getting full training and practice to become approved WriteMovies-trained script analysts.
Jasmin Park recently finished her traineeship and receives a certificate to showcase her achievement.

Here’s what Jasmin has had to say:Jasmin Park

“I will be attending my third year at Syracuse University as a film major this fall. As sophomore year ended in a blink of an eye and summer had arrived, I was really hoping for an internship that would prepare me for the industry. As an aspiring writer, working for WriteMovies sounded like the perfect opportunity. I felt more than grateful to have access to a confidential studio manual and receive special direction on reading and grading scripts. I learned how to read scripts efficiently and develop a critical eye for story, characters, dialogue, style, authenticity, and commerciality. Although challenging at first, the process warmed me up, and quickly I began to read faster and grade better. I also learned how to write professional studio coverages and developmental notes. As I have learned and practiced a great amount in the last two months, I have never been more acute and aware of what a good screenplay does or does not have. This was an invaluable experience that has only brought me further as a writer and filmmaker.”

To become our next trainee to gain this experience for your own career, APPLY HERE at our vacancies page. As the work is challenging, we suggest that only highly literate graduates apply.