Dr. Alexander Ross – WriteMovies founder completes PhD!

Get Consultancy from our founder for just $99 – limited time offer!

Are you looking to get expert, in-depth feedback on your work? Our founder, Alex Ross (who remains a stakeholder in WriteMovies), is currently offering his consultancy services at massively discounted prices!

Studio Coverage from Alex himself currently costs just $99 (usually $179) and Development Notes cost just $199 (usually $379) for a limited time while slots are still available.

Our founder, Alex Ross

Trained in the story department of a major Hollywood studio, Alex has provided coverage on hundreds of scripts for top executives and worked as a literary agent representing Quentin Tarantino, Christopher De Vore (ELEPHANT MAN) and Mardik Martin (RAGING BULL). He discovered such writers as  Andrew Niccol (THE TRUMAN SHOW) and Iris Yamashita (LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA), produced the movie THE LIST, and is a member of BAFTA.

Click HERE to see the offers on his new website and find out about the other services he offers. We’ll also be sharing more updates of Alex’s work soon!

Our 100 Day Creative Challenge launches Monday 27th!

Our 100 Day Creative Challenge launches Monday 27th!

If you’re looking to keep inspired, progressing, and connecting throughout the current lockdowns, we’ve got the answer: the WriteMovies 100-Day Creative Challenge launches on Monday!

Our Director recently provided his thoughts about how writers should respond to the lockdowns, and the 100-Day Creative Challenge is our answer to that question – as well as how we plan to provide you with the best possible help in these difficult times.

We’ll be providing you with a daily prompt for a half-hour of creative activity to start your day, which will generate creative material and ideas you can take further, AND teach you something important about yourself as a writer, and about the key craft of writing, EVERY DAY – in a clear sequence of steps that will bring your skills and knowledge to a clear conclusion.

And don’t forget that the first deadline for both our Sci-Fi and Fantasy Award 2020 and Summer 2020 Screenwriting Contest is fast approaching! You’ve got until Sunday May 3rd to enter at standard entry prices, so don’t miss out –  click here to submit your script as soon as possible!

How writers should respond to lockdown: a unique opportunity for renewal and progression!

How writers should respond to lockdown: a unique opportunity for renewal and progression!

Magazines on Sunset Boulevard, soon before the lockdown – the world will still need content throughout the crisis: yours can be the answer!

Make a difference, and commit to the best opportunity you’ll ever get to focus on your writing and personal development, guilt free…

So listen:

  • If you identify yourself as a writer, if you’ve been waiting for a chance to make things happen, NOW is your time. Make it count.
  • The industry needs new material like always, and with the writer’s strike combined with the lockdown, they’re not getting it – so make yourself their answer.

Last week, in our Director’s personal analysis of how the Covid-19 outbreak is transforming everyone’s lives and the future, we committed to promoting positive approaches every day to help writers through this unprecedented scenario (click HERE to see why). Today we’re setting out a plan for how writers can do their part to keep themselves healthy, progressing and on track to come out of the other side of the crisis with new strengths and momentum. That’s not encouraging anyone to be selfish: fact is, we all need the people living in lockdown who aren’t sick or bereaved, to stay strong themselves in order to support the people and initiatives that depend on it. (more…)

Ian’s L.A. Diary, Wednesday March 4th – Warner Bros. and groundbreaking VFX!

Ian’s L.A. Diary, Wednesday March 4th – Warner Bros. and groundbreaking VFX!

The coronavirus crisis is making life hard for everyone right now – today, all Californians were ordered today to stay home. Here at WriteMovies, though, it’s business as usual thanks to an established business model we developed several years ago, enabling us to continue our work around the world from our own homes where necessary! We’ve got big plans coming up to help support our followers and clients during this pandemic, too – we’ll be telling you more about that next week…

But before that, we promised to share a week of Ian’s L.A. Diary from the beginning of March – and here’s Part 3! We GUARANTEE to get our winners’ scripts in front of top producers with the power to say yes and make things happen, and this sneak peek gives you an idea how. Here’s what Ian got up to on Wednesday March 4th… (more…)

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