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Internship/Traineeship Program with WriteMovies

Example certificate provided to successful trainees

Example certificate provided to successful trainees

We run an extensive program designed to offer on the job experience to individuals looking to secure challenging positions in the entertainment industry. The program can be completed from home by email, over a period of 8 weeks. Your work will include working on real live scripts to develop:

Script Coverage: You will be taught how to analyse screenplays and novels according to the guidelines determined by the studios, by a studio trained pro. Whatever you end up doing in the industry, be it producing, directing, writing, acting… nothing is more important than having a good understanding of what makes a script work.

Development: You will learn to critique screenplays and novels, and provide development notes both for executives and writers. An in depth knowledge of this craft will make you a valuable asset to any studios development department and greatly improve your chances of securing one of these coveted positions. Find out by working with our management company what the studios and production companies are looking for and to find and develop projects for them.

Extracts of the best work you produce may be published on this site, may contribute to our assessment of entries to our competitions, or may even contribute to the reports we send to writers, though these will always be primarily written by an experienced WriteMovies analyst.

Criteria: We are looking for literate individuals who are passionate about the industry and not scared of hard work and long hours. If this applies to you, email to info ATwritemovies DOTcom.