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Monthly Contest (WMCm)

Warren now receives a year of free script development from us worth over $3000 and our monthly cash prize of $200! To follow in Warren’s footsteps enter our latest competitions: Don’t forget to check our current Summer Consultancy offers, too, for our Judging Feedback (just $69 – normally $99), and Studio Consulting ($99 – normally $129) and Development Notes ($149 – a huge $50 discount from the normal $199!) and we are freezing the price of our Elite Consultancies at $299 – a unique price to get up to an hour of consultancy from a top studio executive!


BEFORE DISHONOR, Travis Opgenorth


COME BACK FOR ME, Kevin Silva,
ICE DRAGON, Paul Bayford.

Thank you to everyone who entered this time! There was a great variety in the scripts for this contest, and we hope this trend can continue into our future competitions.

Here’s a little info on Warren:Warren Hull

Warren is the author of two non-fiction books and three award-winning screenplays. Recently recognized as one of the screenwriters in the book “The Top 50 Indie Writers in the World,” Warren will finish his Certificate in Feature Film Writing from the University of California at Los Angeles this summer and will enter the UCLA Independent Film Producers program in the fall.  

Warren and his wife, Annette, reside in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2015, the couple formed AnnWar Productions, an independent film company that is in post-production on their first project, a documentary titled “Family Secret” which revolves on the life and death of famed mobster Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel.

AnnWar Productions is currently in the process of pursuing funding opportunities to produce their first feature-length feature film – Valley of Spirits.  Warren will utilize the script development prize associated with his WriteMovies win, to help craft Valley of Spirits further allowing AnnWar Productions to  The concept will be presented at this year’s American Film Market in Santa Monica, California in November and the Cannes International Film Festival in May of 2017. 

And here is a brief synopsis on the winning script, VALLEY OF SPIRITS:

A bereaved Native American elder teams with an ad-hoc band of unlikely warriors to overcome the evil ambitions of a corrupt, big game poaching sheriff and reclaim the sacred land of his ancestors.

Remember, there is no monthly contest for August. Our Summer 2016 Competition is up and running and enter for just $29 before the Early Bird Deadline expires on Sunday, August 7th! CLICK HERE to submit your script to the Summer contest.

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