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Current Competitions Options and Payment


WriteMovies - Competitions that get you results

*Along with our Monthly contests, our Summer 2016 Competition is now open. And you can enter it for free by getting consultancy packages for significant discounts until August 31st!*

WriteMovies offer an industry-leading track record of providing truly international script competitions, studio-quality consultancy for writers and producers, and securing our winning writers the deals they deserve in the industry. You can combine our services to get the best possible prospects of success.

Current Competitions and Offers:

TIP: Studio Consulting is a report that an analyst would give a producer which assesses the current potential of the script and writer, and recommends whether the script and writer are currently worth commissioning (and a ‘Recommend’ is quite rare). Judging Feedback provides briefer extracts from the same report, without some sections. Development Notes are designed to help the writer achieve their goals with the script and improve its commercial potential.