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NEW PLACES ARE NOW AVAILABLE to join our Summer 2020 film courses! Take our complete Film courses from home this summer. Learn from the BEST with a personalized service at a fraction of the price of film school! NOBODY is better qualified than Dr. Alex Ross in why films succeed and fail.

Now he and are offering personalized film courses to match your needs. Don’t let COVID-19 affect your screenwriting career. With us, you don’t have to leave the house or go $100k into debt! No one gives you an industry writing job because you went to a specific film school. You get one because of the quality of your writing sample. Our complete course is a fraction of the $100k cost of Film School and available from home wherever you are, in your own time! Find the full information about our Academy HERE or complete the form below now to subscribe while spaces are still available! Participants have rated each Phase of our course above 9/10 on average, and their confidence in their OWN projects grew almost 20% per Phase – don’t miss out!

NOBODY is better qualified than Dr. Alex Ross in why films succeed and fail. He's:

NOBODY is better qualified than Dr. Alex Ross in why films succeed and fail. He's:

  • A top former agent who represented Quentin Tarantino, Andrew Niccol etc and other top writers,
  • Producer of a theatrical feature film that was distributed by Warner Bros,
  • Creator of an entertainment company he sold to Sandra Bullock,
  • A BAFTA member,
  • Founder of, described as having a ‘virtual monopoly… on the concept of global cinema’ by MovieMaker Magazine,
  • A collaborator with multi-award-winning directors, and,
  • In 2020 he completed a DOCTORATE on why films succeed and fail. He has a unique insight, based on thousands of case studies, on the key replicable elements which make a film succeed.

Complete Film courses from home this summer!

Register now for our summer 2020 film courses! Just $3000 using the form below!

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Our personalized film courses can teach you every aspect of succeeding in screenwriting, production, directing and distribution – and to get you generating PRODUCTION-READY materials, scripts and plans from the start. Produce your first pitches, screenplays and Proof-Of-Concept materials from home THIS SUMMER with whatever kit you’ve got.

Our film courses enable you to focus on the areas you need most:

  • Industry-quality insight into all the areas you’re upskilling, in a clear logical sequence.
  • Creative Challenges and feedback designed to get you inspired, generating pitch-ready material, and progressing every day.
  • Online video tutorials in all the specific aspects of filmmaking and screenwriting.
  • Documents and resources and activities.
  • A focused reading list based on purely upon the books the industry ACTUALLY uses and refers to.
  • Expert input and daily or weekly feedback from our Hollywood writing experts.
  • Opportunities to turn your learning and materials into production-ready scripts and Proofs-Of-Concept as you learn.
  • Personalized focus and scheduling.
  • “I think this is a wonderful collaborative space
  • “Very well done and innovating: inspires me to write everytime
  • A very useful course for me personally.”
  • Well presented. Good use of well known films to relate to.”
  • “Nice bite sized, easily DIGESTIBLE, Nicely PACED.
  • “I thought that this session was excellent and allowed me to make numerous changes to my script.”
  • Very useful.
  • “Great reading and watch list.”
  • “Very friendly”
  • “I found it friendly, informative and most importantly non threatening”
  • “Very good”

Participants in our Academy so far

Complete Film courses from home this summer!

Register now for just $3000 using the form on the right!

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Since we were established in Hollywood in 1999 we’ve been the company who help you choose the best scripts and projects, develop them to their fulfil their potential, and get them sold and produced, with two Oscar-nominated writers among our notable success stories. Our acclaimed services and contests mirror how your script will fare in the industry right now.

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