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“Bourne’s identity is not important to him anymore. His initial goal is not accomplished as we still don’t really know who he is, generating potential for a sequel.” – Extracts from a script report by our trainee Adam Yee, based on a reading of THE BOURNE IDENTITY found online at on The Daily Script website: CLICK HERE to read the script.

Title: THE BOURNE IDENTITY                           FORM: SP

Author: Tom Gilroy

Date: 04/05/16                                                               Locale: Zurich, Paris, Italy, U.S.


GENRE:                    PRIMARY: Action thriller

                                    SECONDARY: Spy/conspiracy



JASON BOURNE (M): U.S. government trained assassin with expertise in physical and armed combat, suffering from amnesia. (LD)

MARIE KREUTZ (F/26): German. Big energy. Real beauty hidden beneath armor. Bourne’s lover. (SP)

TED CONKLIN (M): CIA’s Director of Treadstone. Buttoned down. Square Jaw. Everything tucked away. (SP)

WARD ABBOTT (M): A CIA mandarin. (SP)

NYKWANA WOMBOSI (M): Ex-African dictator. (SP)

THE PROFESSOR (M), CASTEL (M), MANHEIM (M): Three of Treadstone’s top assassins in Europe. (FE)


LOGLINE: A combat-skilled amnesiac has to find out who he is and what happened to him whilst being chased by the police and the CIA through Europe.  



JAMES BOND with a dose of realism. An enticing premise sees a heroic yet vulnerable protagonist travel across Europe in search of his identity. It’s done with such relentless pace and momentum that it’s sure to thrill. With many big action sequences and a narrative sprawling from Langley to the Italian coastline to Zurich and Paris, this would need a large budget to make it into the box office smash it could be.

The first act is well executed and opens strongly, Jason Bourne pulled alive from the ocean with bullet wounds asks plenty of questions. The script has the right beats to develop the story with Jason haunted and lost at sea trying to remember who he is. The small plastic tube leading him to a bank in Zurich. He has a clear goal and motive. Amnesia offers an obvious transformational arc (seen in films such as THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT and MEMENTO) as the protagonist goes from not knowing anything to knowing something…

Jason and Marie’s relationship effectively drives the plot because they transform each other whether internally or externally. Marie is at crisis point when we are introduced to her, she’s been conned out of her money, Bourne has money that will change her life. She’s not just a love interest but plays a big part in Bourne’s investigation. There is contrast between the two which provides excellent exchanges in dialogue…

An extensive action-packed chase sequence leads to the second turning point where The Professor shares what ties him with Bourne, Treadstone. Bourne neatly uses The Professor’s pager to find Conklin. Bourne tells Conklin “Jason Bourne is dead” and walks away, a change elicited by Marie. Bourne’s identity is not important to him anymore. His initial goal is not accomplished as we still don’t really know who he is, generating potential for a sequel. A lack of closure is solved by a very satisfying coda in which Bourne and Marie reunite.

The script is based on an international best seller by Robert Ludlum, if it makes it to the screen it would come with a pre-existing large following. With a gripping story and a good blend of action and character this would attract fans of the book but also new audiences. Its commercial prospects look very good. 


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