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If you haven’t entered our Romance and Comedy Award yet, you’d better move fast. There’s just one week until the deadline, which is coming up fast on January 17th!

This is the perfect moment to be writing in these two genres. In difficult times, people often turn to entertainment to help cheer them up, whether it’s with an emotional story about love or something that will make them laugh – or a bit of both! So if you want to make the world a brighter place with your words, this is your chance.

Of course, there’s all the usual reasons to enter too: prizes include script development and pitching to industry, and all submissions also receive FREE entry to our Winter 2021 Screenwriting Contest, giving you a shot at our Grand Prize of $3500.

As you’re putting the finishing touches on your script, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Got a great concept? Make sure we know what it is straight up – in the first 10 pages if possible!
  • Whether your script is romance and comedy, invest us in your characters before the actions starts so we care about what happens to them.
  • Comedy can be subjective – but if it’s honest and comes from the heart, it’ll make us smile no matter our tastes.
  • Love is intimate, but romance can be sweeping and epic. No matter the scale, make sure we feel the emotion at the heart of your story.
  • Above all else: know your audience. Think about who would want to watch your movie – especially in tough times like these – and give them what they want – even if they didn’t know what they want themselves!

And whenever you’re ready, submit to the WriteMovies Romance and Comedy Award 2020. Click HERE to submit your script!

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