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Congratulations to THE ARENA by Belinda Whitney.on being named our Winter 2016 Screenwriting Contest Second Placed Winner.

Belinda entered the screenwriting contest arena and impressed us to claim second place. Her script, THE ARENA did well in a competition that contained the best field of scripts we’ve had in a while! Second is still a great place to finish in our contests and here’s why…

  • Belinda receives 1 Full year of script mentoring on her script, including development notes on all re-writes of winning scripts. Worth $3,200.
  • Up to $1 million in option monies from the A-List producers we work with. If an established studio/production company with theatrical credits wishes to option the script, we will fly the winner to Los Angeles and pay (up to $4,000) for their accommodation.
  • We will pitch the top three projects to relevant production companies (such as Neal Moritz Productions, Bruckheimer Films, Scott Rudin Prods.) & studios (Paramount, Warner Bros, Universal, etc.). Writer keeps ALL the option/sales money. The names of the top three winners and their projects are mentioned in press releases and on the web. The names of the top three winners and their projects are mentioned in press releases and on the web.

Here’s some background on Belinda:

“Belinda Whitney is a professional violinist, as well as fiction writer and screenwriter. She received a Certificate in Screenwriting from NYU. She has published science fiction and fantasy and been anthologized in several short story collections, including those of the Minnows Literary Group.

A Juilliard graduate, she has served as concertmaster of The Savannah Symphony, and numerous Broadway shows. Currently concertmaster of the Knickerbocker Chamber Orchestra, she has played for many film scores and recordings. Belinda is enjoying being on both sides of the film industry, musical and literary.”


And here is a short introduction to the script:

A futuristic gladiator battles for his life while trying to shield the son he loves from the brutality of the arena.

Congratulations to Belinda on being named our Second Placed winner!

Follow in Belinda’s footsteps and enter in our current main international contest, the Spring 2017 Screenwriting Competition RIGHT HERE – Second Place now wins $300 in cash!


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