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We are proud to be able to announce LAST RIDE OF METRO 313 by Michael Neyland as the winner of our Featured Script of the Month for scripts submitted in May 2017.

This bonus prize has been created to reward and develop the most interesting script we receive in the previous month, and the result has no bearing on the result of other entries to any of our competitions. As always, it was an interesting challenge to pick the most interesting script from such a wide variety of scripts written to a high-quality, but Michael thoroughly deserves this.

For winning the Featured Script of the Month, Michael receives free Judging Feedback, plus a free resubmission for a redrafted version of his script, LAST RIDE OF METRO 313, to our upcoming Summer 2017 Competition! On top of that, we give Michael and his script the kind of publicity that our previous Monthly Contest winners have received.

Honorable Mentions:
VEIL, by Harlan Banks.
THE LOCKSMITH, by Jeffrey Morales.
AMERICAN HUNGER , by Victor de Oliveira.

Here’s a quick bio on Michael:

Michael is a married, father-of-one with a cat (a large, furry, and very floppy cat).
He studied English, with a focus in Creative Writing, at FSU before shifting over into animation and design, graduating from Full Sail University with a MFA in Media Design in 2010. He now works full time as a graphic and broadcast designer and co-owns a design company (Infidium, LLC) with his wife, Susan.
Writing has always been a large part of Michael’s life – he’s been writing short stories and comics since as long as he can remember. But it wasn’t until fairly recently that the pursuit became more than just a hobby, largely by the encouragement and support of his wife (who is an invaluable source for creative – sometimes brutal, but always honest – feedback). And, with more than 40 outlines already written, he’s eager to build off his experiences working on “Last Ride of Metro 313,” and turn these outlines into completed projects.
His screenplay, “Last Ride of Metro 313,” is the first step in a larger universe of stories in the contemporary fantasy/horror genre.
Michael and his family live in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC.

Here’s a quick synopsis on the script itself:

Passengers on a commuter bus become stranded during a storm and must work together to survive strange and unnatural creatures.

Congratulations once again to Michael for winning the Featured Script of the Month! To be in with a chance of winning the Featured Script of the Month yourself, all you have to do is submit your script to a contest (CLICK HERE) or order a consultancy package (CLICK HERE) and you’ll be entered into the Featured Script of the Month FOR FREE!


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