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Founded alongside WriteMovies in 1999, TSIM is our industry-facing partner organisation, promoting our award-winning scripts and other projects on our slate to the international entertainment industry. With our latest rounds of industry pitching underway this Fall, here’s your chance to see the new-look TSIM website and many of the projects we are currently pitching to industry!

Established alongside WriteMovies by our founder, Dr Alex Ross, who discovered writers such as Andrew Niccol (GATTACA, THE TRUMAN SHOW…), TalentScout International Management represents a variety of global writers whose work we believe we can sell in the US/international entertainment industry. At WriteMovies our work provides the talent pipeline for TSIM, who represent our WriteMovies winners, to communicate and pitch their scripts to well-established industry contacts.

Take a look now at how the new-look TSIM website showcases many of our winners – just another angle for how we promote our winners to industry, along with direct pitching and meetings and networking, and newsletters to our Industry mailing list of several hundred producers. We can be doing all this for you as well – and we’ll have news for you very soon about new ways to join our slate of award-winners to pitch to industry! Take a look at the TSIM website today…


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