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Blockbusted is a new book charting the evolution of Hollywood’s calculated blockbuster, and will be released in the coming months – but the book has already been recognized and acclaimed by leading industry professionals. It’s even challenging the industry’s long-held assumptions, as you can see below. Check out these first endorsements – just the start of the industry acclaim for Blockbusted we’ll be updating you with over the coming months. Get the input of the book’s author Dr. Alex Ross into your own project at here – or email us at to get the ball rolling!

Universal Pictures former Head of Production and Paul Sammon

“This book outlines in extensive and unique detail how studios make money not just on blockbusters, but also eventually from all movies, as Alexander Ross uses his vast experience, inside knowledge, and scholarly expertise to lay out both the successes and the mistakes of the ‘blockbuster era.’ I highly recommend it to scholars in film studies and business, film school students working toward a career in the film industry, and budding film producers and studio executives.”
– Hal Lieberman, Former Head of Production at Universal Pictures

“You are holding a volume which, to my relatively seasoned mind, adds a unique contribution to text-based cinema studies. This book is a persuasive, rigorously researched study of the evolution of the contemporary Hollywood blockbuster. It lays down a parallel track which posits an apparently astonishing argument, flagrantly challenging a long-held bit of supposed critical wisdom – William Goldman’s oft-quoted dictum that “nobody knows anything.” Indeed, Alexander Ross maintains that certain players inside The Dream Factory’s upper echelon of studio chiefs, producers, and mega-agents are not only intelligent, sophisticated mavens, they actually know what they’re doing.”
– Paul Sammon, film industry professional and author

These are the first examples of the industry acclaim for Blockbusted we’ll be sharing with you over the coming months.


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