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A lost script finds a director… Don’t let your script get lost, take your chance to take it to the top of the international film industry by entering our current contests RIGHT HERE! A daily news article from the WriteMovies archive first published November 2006 by Dennis Michael.


Lost Tennessee Williams Script Finds New Director

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Jodie Markell, who plays a recurring character on the HBO series Big Love, will make her feature directing debut from a recently discovered screenplay by the late Tennessee Williams.

By Dennis Michael

Finding Tennessee Williams’ long missing screenplay The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond is an important event for actress Jodie Markell. The actress has been brought aboard to direct a movie based on the screenplay. Daily Variety indicates shooting will begin on Teardrop Diamond in the spring in Louisiana, with Lindsay Lohan in the starring role.

Even though the script is described as a downbeat drama about the romance between a society woman and a plantation worker in 1920’s Memphis, Markell says it’s a very modern work. “A lot of Williams’ material that people are familiar with doesn’t speak as much to our times,” she told Daily Variety, unlike this newfound script. Ellen Burstyn, David Straithairn and Ann-Margaret are also in the cast.

Along with Big Love, Marlell had a role in Jim Jarmusch’s Mystery Train and she’s currently on screens in the film Sweet Land.

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