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J Todd Harris

Was raised in and around New York. He graduated from Stanford in 1981. He managed a regional repertory theatre company called TheatreWorks in Palo Alto from 1981-1984, before attending Stanford Business School, where he earned his MBA in 1986. He got his feet wet as production executive for the original Showtime movie Heads, starring Jon Cryer, Jennifer Tilly, and Ed Asner. After producing his first film, Denise Calls Up, in 1994, he formed Davis Entertainment Classics, of which his is president. After producing six more films (including Sundance entries Lewis & Clark & George and Tim Hutton’s directing debut Digging To China), he expanded his work to include partnering with actor Tim Daly in Daly-Harris Productions, which produced the 1998 Showtime Original Movie Execution of Justice, starring Tim Daly. He also produced Rites of Passage and Dudley Do-Right in 1998 for Universal Pictures. He lives with his wife lyricist Amy Powers and son Jasper Lee, born October 1998.

  • Heaven’s Pond (2003) (producer)
  • Latter Days (2003) (executive producer)
  • Happy Hour (2002/I) (producer)
  • Burial Society, The (2002) (executive producer)
  • 29 Palms (2002/I) (producer)
  • Liberty, Maine (2001) (executive producer)
  • Jeepers Creepers (2001) (co-producer) … aka JEEpERs CrEEpers (2001) (USA: video box title)
  • Tick Tock (2000) (producer)
  • Sordid Lives (2000) (producer)
  • Partners in Crime (2000) (producer)
  • Little Richard (2000) (TV) (executive producer)
  • Urbania (2000) (producer)
  • Dinner at Fred’s (1999) (executive producer)
  • Rites of Passage (1999) (producer)
  • Seven Girlfriends (1999) (producer)
  • Dudley Do-Right (1999) (producer)
  • Digging to China (1998) (producer)
  • Bad Manners (1997) (producer)
  • Lewis & Clark & George (1997) (producer)
  • Cadillac Ranch (1997) (producer)
  • Denise Calls Up (1995) (producer)

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