Fall Screenwriting Contest – 1 Week Extension!

Fall Screenwriting Contest – 1 Week Extension!

We’re here to help all writers, and we like to keep the door open for them. And we know that some writers narrowly miss out on deadlines because of other factors in their lives, and really appreciate an extra chance to get their work finished and submitted. So for these reasons, we’re announcing a 1 week extension to our Fall Screenwriting Contest!

The new deadline is October 18th. With $3500, script development, pitching to industry, and more on offer as prizes we don’t want to miss any great scripts – and we don’t want any of you to miss out!

So if you haven’t entered yet, use this extra week to polish your work. Give it one last proofread, tidy up those subplots, and make sure it’s in the best possible shape.

And then, when you’re ready – the most important thing of all, enter the Fall Screenwriting Contest before the extension closes!

The Grand Prize is $3500, and the top three scripts all receive:

  • A year of free script development worth up to $3200
  • Guaranteed pitching to industry
  • An invitation to a lunch with an industry executive in L.A.
  • Exclusive listing from InkTip

We increased our Grand Prize for this contest to help writers out in these tough times, and this extension is to help you out too.

And if you want our expert advice on how to take your script to the next level, buy one of our script reports and get free entry to the contest when you do! You’ll also be able to resubmit a new draft of the same script completely free of charge until October 31st once we’ve provided your report!

So if you missed the last deadline, here’s your chance: click HERE to the WriteMovies Fall Screenwriting Contest NOW!

Summer 2020 Screenwriting Contest – 2 Week Extension!

Summer 2020 Screenwriting Contest – 1 Week to Go!

You’ve got 1 week to submit to our Summer 2020 Screenwriting Contest! The final deadline of Sunday June 14th is fast approaching, so don’t miss your chance.

There are great prizes to be won, with a Grand Prize of $2000! Plus, the top three scripts in the Summer 2020 Screenwriting Contest all receive:

  • A year of free script development worth up to $3200
  • Guaranteed pitching to industry
  • Exclusive previews of WriteMovies Academy, our unique Virtual Film School
  • Exclusive prizes from InkTip

We develop our winners’ scripts to help fulfil their potential and pitch them to top-level producers and execs who can make them happen. To get your script out there at its best, this is your chance.

All our contests are designed to show you how your script currently stacks up to the competition, with up to 50+ Quarter-Finalists, 25+ Semi-Finalists, 7+ Honorable Mentions and 3 winners. Submit today if you want to find out where your project stands.

Click HERE to submit by this Sunday, June 14th, for your chance to win!

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Award 2020 deadline – 1 Week to Go!

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Award 2020 deadline – 1 Week to Go!

The final deadline for our Sci-Fi and Fantasy Award 2020 is fast approaching! The winner will receive:

  • Guaranteed pitching to industry
  • Two sets of Development Notes to help take their script to the next level
  • Further advice to fine tune their script from our experts

Plus, all entries to the award automatically receive FREE entry to the Summer 2020 Screenwriting Contest, with the chance to win the Grand Prize of $2000!

The winner of last year’s Sci-Fi and Fantasy Award was THE TIME-TRAP by Mark Flood, which has already received interest from top producers. Don’t miss out on your chance to follow in his footsteps and get your script out there.

The Sci-Fi and Fantasy Award 2020 deadline is THIS SUNDAY, May 31st – make sure you submit by then!

Click HERE to visit the main contest page, where you can find out more about the contest and submit, or click HERE to find out more about and submit to our Summer 2020 Screenwriting Contest!

Winter 2020 Screenwriting Contest – One Week to Go!

Winter 2020 Screenwriting Contest – One Week to Go!

Have you entered the WriteMovies Winter 2020 Screenwriting Contest yet? If not, you’d better move fast – there’s just one week to go until the final deadline, which is coming up this Sunday 1st March!

It’s always easy to miss a deadline, especially when you want your script to be as good as it can get. You get stuck into the editing, polishing every last scene right down to the smallest word – and the next thing you know, you’ve missed your chance. The deadline has passed!

That’s why we always make sure to let you know when one is coming up. The Winter 2020 Screenwriting Contest has been a great one for us so far, especially with the inclusion of our latest genre prize – the Romance and Comedy Award 2020 – and we’re eager to see what else you’ve got for us. Make sure you get those scripts in!

With a $2000 Grand Prize on the line, plus free script development, guaranteed pitching to industry, and InkTip prizes for our top three scripts, there’s plenty to be won. We’re already looking forward to working with our next batch of winners. And who knows, one of them could be you…

Click here to visit the main contest page and submit your script to the Winter 2020 Screenwriting Contest. Remember, you’ve only got until Sunday March 1st!

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