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A Script Pitching Whirlwind Tour in Hollywood – and yours could be next!

A Script Pitching Whirlwind Tour in Hollywood – and yours could be next!

Want us to promote your script in our next our next Hollywood script pitching whirlwind tour, or other pitching? We are seriously looking for 2-3 scripts for 2x Academy Nominated and 2x BAFTA winning, Habib Zargarpour to direct. If you have what we need please participate in:

WriteMovies founder and producer Alex Ross and VFX expert turned movie director, Habib Zargarpour, just went on a tour of various Hollywood production companies talking to top executives about their new project. Here’s what happened! (more…)

Could we PRODUCE your VFX-driven script? Enter now!

Could we PRODUCE your VFX-driven script? Enter now!

We’re looking for a script for a two-time Academy nominee and two-time BAFTA award-winning director – and submitting your VFX-driven script to our Spring contest can make it yours! Habib Zargarpour has worked with Spielberg, Lucas, Cameron and Villeneuve, on movies that countless millions of people have seen – and soon your script could join them. We’re looking for a great commercial script for him to work with, and if you submit to our Spring 2018 contest, you will be in the running for that opportunity.

As we’ll tell you very soon, Habib and our founder Alex have been getting a lot of success in recent meetings with senior Hollywood execs about their next crossover project, and yours could be next! We’ve introduced many new categories to the Spring 2018 – long and short form TV pilots, indie and studio scripts, and video game scripts. Inspired by this opportunity, we will be giving a special recognition to the Best VFX Driven Script that we receive. There’s no special prize – just kudos – but if Habib loves it then we CAN make this happen.

Award-winning VFX expert Habib Zargarpour

What we want is the script where VFX can help drive the plot, the characters, and the script as a whole. We don’t want style over substance, we want style to give substance! We’re looking for a VFX-driven script with crossover potential to make an awesome video game. The director of this project, Habib Zargarpour (find out more about him in THESE past interviews, and in more articles we’ll publish soon!) has been VFX consultant on lots of major movies and major video games including 007 and NEED FOR SPEED titles – so we have the potential to take this to both markets, which is exactly what Habib and Alex have been doing for another project in Hollywood in the last few days – as we’ll be telling you next week!

So polish up that movie script you thought would be too expensive for anyone to make, and get it to us NOW!

Enter HERE!

Our thanks to Jamie White – Script Analyst, Judge, Writer

Our thanks to Jamie White – Script Analyst, Judge, Writer

After spending just over two years with us, we give our thanks to Jamie White as he pursues pastures new…

It’s been a great couple of years with WriteMovies. I came across their 8-week virtual internship by chance, and that was the portal to so many opportunities, some I wouldn’t have even thought about!

I’ve had the chance to work on script consultancies, pitching materials, meet producers, work on a couple of film projects, write reviews, Insights articles, and, of course, converse with a load of you writers!

Before I sign off, I thought I’d share a few of my highlights from the past couple of years – not all my work, but some real great stuff.


  1. INSIGHTS: Genre and what it really tells us. This is one of the first articles Ian Kennedy wrote while I was training as a script analyst. I love a good chat on genre, what makes a genre, semantics, syntactics. But this article really helped me to understand the pragmatics of genre (bloody Altman…) and it’s such a good guide for how you should be writing your genre script.Check it out here!
  2. GAME OF THRONES Season 7 Review. After a little while, and quite a few script consultancies, I got more chances to write reviews and critical pieces for the site. My GAME OF THRONES season 7 review was one of my earlier reviews, but I think still one of my faves. I got to review one of my favorite shows (though probably its worst season) AND revealed one of my very own conspiracy theories – that Sony were releasing trash like THE EMOJI MOVIE to deter hackers – tell me that doesn’t make sense!Check out my GoT ramblings here.
  3. Writing for Video Games Articles. From one of my first, to one of my last… My Writing for Video Games articles. I may enjoy the medium of video games more than film and television, so it was a joy to get the chance to write about this topic and give you guys some advice at the same time. I hope you game writers take some inspiration from these articles.Read the first article here.
  4. Attending Pitch Meetings. I’ve had the rare and exciting opportunities to attend several meetings with film producers to talk about the prospects of several of our winning scripts coming to life. Sure, I was the sidekick to our Director of World Wide Development, Ian Kennedy, but attending these sorts of meetings have been vital to my development. I got to see first hand how you should be pitching, what sort of language and tactics to employ. A great opportunity and a great experience. Loved it!
  5. Reading your scripts… From my start with the internship, to the very end, the one constant has been the chance to read, analyze and judge the scripts you guys have sent in for contests and consultancies. Seriously, some of these scripts I could really visualize, some to an extent I could imagine the cinematography to their inevitable film. Some really were THAT good. I wish the writers that we’re developing now get to realize their dreams – if just one of these scripts gets made, that would truly make my time with WriteMovies a success (not that it hasn’t been anyway!)
EU/UK Subscribers: new consents needed, for us to continue to contact you!

EU/UK Subscribers: new consents needed, for us to continue to contact you!

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Our Year: 2017 – 2018 Teasers: A Year in the life of a Script Agency

Our Year: 2017 – 2018 Teasers: A Year in the life of a Script Agency

A year in the life of an innovative Script Agency… Facts and figures to mark two years since our successful relaunch in 2016.

It’s that time of year again where we look back on the previous 12 months and say “you know, we’ve had a pretty good year…” And we have!

Our Year…

Since our successful relaunch 2 years ago, we’ve been constantly growing and evolving our online presence – which you can see from these infographics!

As well as updating and reshaping our website organically over the last two years, we’ve also been highly active on social media, screenwriting forums, and providing insightful newsletters, of course! So, here’s a couple of snippets celebrating WriteMovies online in the past year.


We’ll bring you more tomorrow it’s all about “Why We Matter…” And then… the full graphic in all its glory!

Meet our new Video Games and Board Games Elite Script Mentor: Mark Brendan!

Meet our new Video Games and Board Games Elite Script Mentor: Mark Brendan!


Meet our new Elite Script Mentor, here to help YOU get the best from your ideas for video games…

“Mark Brendan is a writer and game designer. He has worked on numerous games, both analogue and digital, for companies such as Games Workshop, Target Games, i-Kore, Climax, Codemasters, and Vivendi as well as publishing games related fiction and magazine articles. He is currently working on a Solomon Kane board game for French games publisher Mythic Games, and writing screenplays for Dark Matter Films, the production company he co-founded in 2017. His video game titles include DIRT 3, Brian Lara International Cricket 2007, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, World in Conflict, F1 2010, and Kings of the Realm.”

We’re delighted to have Mark on board and we look forward to sharing new insights into video games for you from us, Mark, Habib Zargarpour (whose games credits include 007 and NEED FOR SPEED titles).

Of course, we’re still just as intent on screenplays and other writing as we’ve always been: check out the new categories of our Spring contest below!

  • Screenplays
  • Shorts
  • Stageplays (theatre)
  • Teleplays (long and short form pilots)
  • Spec scripts
  • Books, including comic books and graphic novels
  • Video game scripts


Meanwhile, here’s a reminder of what our Elite Mentoring services offer, and whose mentoring you can hire through us…

WriteMovies Elite Mentoring for Writers includes:

  • Constructive, professional, and honest feedback on the cinematic potential of your script by industry veterans.
  • Either: Personal mentoring by actual Hollywood Producers, Face-to-Face (if in Los Angeles) or on the phone; or, detailed notes encompassing feedback on dialogue, story line, structure, pace, characters etc.
  • Full analysis on length and effectiveness of story telling.
  • Accurate predictions on possible audience response emotionality and possible cult factor.
  • Professional advice on how executives and producers analyze your material and what they look for.
  • Pointers to convince executives and producers of your passion and competence as well as the box office potential.
  • Fundamental career advice on how to get agents, how to pitch and what to write.
  • The option for recommended scripts to be pitched to agents and producers in Hollywood.
  • All of which gives you vastly more confidence proceeding if you know your script is perfect.

Take the next step to get your script produced, with one of these top Mentors:

Request Mark to be your gaming script Elite Script Mentor for just $499, right here


Winter 2018 Screenwriting Contest Winners Revealed!

Winter 2018 Screenwriting Contest Winners Revealed!

The results are in… Winter 2018 Screenwriting Contest winners are revealed below!

Another contest complete, another group of winners revealed. We’ve seen the growth and improvement in many writers who have submitted – something that is reflected by the results! Thank you to all of you who entered for making our jobs of judging the scripts enjoyable.

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of our script consultancies to find out why your script placed where it did. Our top 3 now get those for free for the next year!

Here’s what our Top 3 win…

  • Cash prize of $2000 for our Grand Prize Winner
  • The 3 winners will receive one year free of script development and mentoring.
  • We’ll also pitch and promote the scripts to the top of the film industry. Remind yourself what makes for winning writing HERE.
  • Plus, exclusive prizes from InkTip – an InkTip Script Listing and the winning scripts’ loglines will be featured in InkTip’s Magazine, read by thousands of writers and producers.

CONGRATULATIONS to SLAVE SHIP by Tyler True for winning the Winter 2018 Screenwriting Competition!

A great win for Tyler for this excellent script about harrowing history and inspirational change. Tyler now takes home those wonderful prizes listed above. But we must also congratulate…

Second Placed Winner, CHARMER by David Kurtz – David has improved on his Third Placed finish in our Summer contest and was so close to taking home the main prize! Good job, David!

Third Placed Winner, INSURRECTION by Simon Bowler. Another win for Simon following on from his “Best Teleplay” win – another script that has continued to improve over multiple submissions!

And, of course, a special congrats to our Honorable Mentions: NEW REALITY by Carolyn Kras, MAGIC MAN by Norma Hickox, THE CRAWL-UP by Gabriell DeBear Paye, VALENTYNE by Dashiell Finley, THE DAWN OF EVE by James Bingham, A Shadow in Space by Bryan Reilly, and THE FOURTH COURIER by TIMOTHY JAY SMITH.

A very well done to everyone named here and the many other impressive scripts we read this time round. It’s been a tough field to choose from!

We’ll be telling you all about our winners in the coming weeks, and getting their script development phase underway.

Head to our Facebook page and our Twitter feed to congratulate our top three winners and Honorable Mentions yourself!