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So you want to be a screenwriter, huh? Well, we want you to be, too! For nearly 20 years we’ve been developing writers with our mentoring services and contests with the aim of getting writers’ scripts produced. And now we’re going that step further… our Hollywood Virtual Film School is here!

WriteMovies Academy: Hollywood Virtual Film School

The WriteMovies Academy is introducing a brand new Hollywood Virtual Film School for all you aspiring writers and producers.

Opening in January 2018, this 6 month academy will put you through your paces with courses on how to crystallize your concept, how to put that down into a script, and how to sell it and work with the production and distribution – all taught by our top, experienced script analysts, producers and writer mentors.

You invest months of your life on a script in the hope that it will sell. There is nothing sadder or more defeating than a script that has not sold. You owe to yourself to give your projects the best possible chance of getting made. We provide that to you. For a few cents for every hour of your life you have or are about to invest, we will provide you with not only a safety net, but a support system that will always be there for you. You cannot make it on your own, the odds are totally against you. Let us help you: THIS IS WHO WE AREPEOPLE WE HAVE HELPED, and FEEDBACK.

Don’t blow $100,000 to go to film school and be taught by “has beens”. We can teach you to become a professional screenwriter or writer-producer for $3000 and you will be taught by successful working professionals! Let us know about your own personal situation and WriteMovies will adopt a specific plan of action to take your script or idea to the next level.

Book your place on the first Phase of the course, or all six right here… or, hey, sign up a friend for a Christmas present!

The Phases of the course, and their launch dates, and prices are shown below:

  • Phase 0 (Project Selection, Additional consultation & notes): $250 (or free if you buy all of the Phases 1-6 for $3000!)
  • Phase 1 (concept & development): $500 – Date: January 12th.
  • Phase 2 (development & outlining): $500 – Date: February, 2018.
  • Phase 3 (1st draft & coverage):
    $500 – Date: March, 2018.
  • Phase 4 (writing is rewriting & 2nd draft coverage): $500 – Date: April 2018.
  • Phase 5 (pitching and promoting your script): $500 – Date: May 2018.
  • Phase 6 (that’s a wrap): $500 per year for ongoing support – Date: June 2018.
  • Or, book your place on every Phase at once for just $3000, which includes Phase 0 absolutely free!

For more info on each Phase just click here, or to book your place for Phase 1, go right HERE.