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Oh, and in other industry news, apparently there's a Bond movie out this Fall as well. I'm guessing I can't say "you heard it here first!" but anyway! In honor of it, this is the 007 Stage at Pinewood Studios photographed by our Director

Oh, and in other industry news, apparently there’s a Bond movie out this Fall as well. I’m guessing we can’t say “you heard it here first!” but anyway! In honor of it, this is the 007 Stage at Pinewood Studios photographed by our Director between meetings there.

It’s been an exciting time for our winners – as well as the new Success Stories we’ve already shared with you about exciting deals that Vanisha and Elizabeth have done thanks to their wins with us, we’ve got at least two more to come, which we’re itching to be able to reveal! Watch this space… but that’s just the start. We’ve got a lot of other entertainment industry discussions and activity to share with you this Fall. Here are other exciting discussions and outcomes we’ve been gearing up for this summer:

  • We’re going to be live-blogging our industry activity wherever possible this Fall! Watch our Twitter and Facebook for the very latest… whatever we can share with you about our day-to-day pitching progress and Industry Diary, we will! The results will be compiled into regular articles like this, for those who prefer to follow our website and newsletters…
  • We’ve been updating the website and marketing materials of our sister organisation, TalentScout International Management, through which we pitch our winners to industry. We’ll share the new-look TSIM with you soon!
  • We’re also going to launch WriteMovies Directory, a service promoting the websites we’ve found to be most useful for writers and producers looking to get their projects off the ground.
  • We’ve been helping our multiple recent winner Vanisha Renee Pierce manage and negotiate the rights for a novella she’s written, following exciting new interest from an established director-producer she’s been working with on other projects thanks to her win with us…
  • We’re helping a former action movie star turn his slate of youth-oriented urban crime dramas into production-ready projects…
  • We’ve been in discussions and meetings with our Elite Mentors to update our profiles for them and provide a special offer for those services this Fall!
  • One of our winners has completed redrafting his script based on requests by Oscar-winning producers (as we mentioned in June), and we’re looking forward to taking it forward from there! ALL of our winners get considered by Oscar-winning producers we work with, AND for the Oscar-nominated director Habib Zargarpour as well as another feature film director we work with – and we’ll partner with any other producers or talents who are the right fit to make our winners’ dreams a reality. Doing that is our goal this Fall! We’ve been getting up to date with our other winners, and researching excellent producers to pitch their work to over the coming weeks and months…
  • And we’re gearing up to explore new avenues to achieve new distribution for our 2007 romantic comedy THE LIST, which we produced from a winning script! If you’re interested in this inventive romantic comedy set in New York, find out more here and email us!

Watch out for plenty more exciting industry news like this from us, all this Fall with WriteMovies!

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