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Our engagement in the wider industry never stops, even while we’re deep in judging scripts for our major contests. In fact we’re having some fascinating conversations right now, and we share them with you in our Industry Diary articles when we can. Here’s what we’ve got up to in June, including our best practice tips for linking writers and producers…

  • Producers of recent Oscar-winning films have taken an interest in one of our recent winners, and feeding back about the script. So we’ve been working in detail with the writer to get the best possible version of the script to them at every point and to implement all of their requests successfully into the new version. Showing our writers the right ways to take their script to the next level, without damaging any of the things that made that script work in the first place, is a huge part of the difference we make that writers can’t get from others. Notes from producers are often brief and general not specific and clear, and don’t tell writers how to fix any of the possible issues that get raised – so a key role of our script analysts is building those out into full, clear, specific and actionable steps that the writer can both agree with and implement efficiently. The attitude of the writer is key to making this work too. The willingness to positively, and fully, engage with producers’ notes and our Development Notes, is usually the dealbreaker between a saleable script, and a good script that never gets bought or made.
  • Setup for Westworld premiere, Hollywood Blvd, March 2020

    Setup for Westworld premiere, Hollywood Blvd, March 2020

    We’ve also been in discussions with some of our fascinating industry friends, to arrange a set of industry interviews we can webcast to share their career journeys and insights with you! Check out our Online Sessions calendar to see what’s currently upcoming on our diaries and how to tune in live or on-demand.

  • With streaming services continuing to surge in use, we’re also exploring new avenues for our 2007 feature film THE LIST, to bring it back to mass audiences. We’re looking for the right partners to share it with you again – watch this space! If you’re interested in this inventive romantic comedy set in New York, find out more here and email us!
  • We’re keeping close track of how producers and writers are adjusting to the pandemic, and where the best opportunities lie for them both. For example we’ve attended the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain’s Annual General Meeting as well as a session about best practice in writing contests, so that we can always be sure we’re embodying the needs of both writers and producers in everything we do. It’s a key value-add that is unique to us thanks to our unique position in the industry.
  • conversation with steven knight identWe’ve been restructuring our delivery model and planning extensively, ready to begin the second half of 2021 with an exciting and practical plan for success in an ever-changing market, for ourselves and our winning writers. We’ve got a lot to tell you about soon! It all starts at the beginning of July… the biggest decision we’ve made is to not run another major contest this year, enabling us to fully focus on our wider services for writers and our winners.
  • We’re also starting a new push with our other winners to take their works to industry in the near future, in one case helping them to switch their script from a pilot to a feature film to respond to interest from a director we work with.
  • Our Director has also been interviewed by a University student about the industry for screenwriting. The meeting created a lot of interesting material which we’re packaging up to share with you soon, to give you further benefit from our unique industry position and insights.

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