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Industry feedback

Gain some quality and professional feedback, whether your writing a script or pitching an idea to producers. It is impossible to nail a script without professional feedback and it is difficult to pitch to a group of producers if you don’t know enough about the industry.

Written Feedback for Writers and Producers

Receive some quality written notes with our Judging Feedback, Studio Consulting, and Development Notes. We’ll tell what’s working and what isn’t with Studio Consultancies and Judging Feedback – this type of feedback is similar to what would be sent to studio executives and producers. Meanwhile, Development Notes are all for you – in-depth, quality feedback that highlights several areas of your script that works well and areas that are in need of improvement.

Check out example Studio Consultancies and Development Notes HERE and HERE to get a sneak preview of what you’ll be in store for.

Let us help you get your script and pitches perfect with our Judging Feedback, and Studio Consulting  and Development Notes and…

Elite Consulting

Also take the chance to get detailed and quality feedback from a top industry executive with our Elite Consultancies. We have assembled the most experienced, well connected and competent producers and studio executives available on the net. Between them they have produced dozens of award winning movies, (including several Academy Award winners) and have closely worked with some of the best known writers and directors in the business. They will provide you with their years of experience to make sure your script is perfect! But that’s not all: Should your project appeal to them, they will help you getting it produced.

Have a one-on-one conversation with producers and studio executives who have worked on films such as FATHER OF THE BRIDE, RAINMAN and SCARFACE. CLICK HERE to learn more about Elite Consultancies and to see recent feedback we’ve received.

Our Elite Consultancies cost $499 – a unique price to get up to an hour of consultancy from a top studio executive!

Make the most of these offers before they expire on August 31st and remember you gain free entry to the current main contest when you order any one of these consultancies.