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The Summer 2017 Screenwriting Contest Final Results… And the Winner is…!

Put your hands together and cheer for our Summer 2017 Screenwriting Contest Grand Prize Winner… SPOON FED by Scott LaFortune! Huge congratulations to our new Grand Prize winner Scott – in what was one of the most fiercely fought recent contests, Scott has come out on top to prove he has the hottest script of Summer 2017.

Scott provided us with a well-written, commercially strong project with clear potential to become even stronger. So, Scott wins the $2000 cash prize, a year of free script development, guaranteed pitching to industry and exclusive script and logline listings from InkTip.

Of course, we’ve got two more overall winners to announce… in second place is FOR LOVE OF COUNTRY by Tony and Ron Basso – another strong and compelling entry that came close. And coming in Third is CHARMER by David Kurtz! Tony, Ron and David will also receive the year of free script development, guaranteed pitching to industry and exclusive InkTip prizes. We look forward to revealing more about the scripts and writers in the coming weeks!

Meanwhile, several other writers have won an Honorable Mention – check below to see if you’re one of them – another top accolade to boast about to your friends and colleagues!

To reward a greater diversity of writing than we’ve been able to before, don’t forget that we’ve also given awards to Simon Bowler and Richard Guimond for the Best Teleplay, and Book with the Best Screen Potential awards, respectively – two more ways that we’ve been reaching out to help reward and develop more writers and different kinds of submission. The fact we’ve created these awards tells you something about the quality of the submissions we’ve been receiving in those categories lately – well done to all the writers who entered and made our judging so difficult! So many of the submissions we read had significant potential – we hope that you’ll keep us in mind as you develop them further. Look closely and you’ll see that among our winners this time are submissions that have improved since entering one of our previous contests – hopefully a strong message to you all to keep going and keep us a part of your writing journey! Enter our Winter contest here


SPOON FED, Scott LaFortune
FOR LOVE OF COUNTRY, Tony Basso and Ron BassoCHARMER, David Kurtz
 A BOY NAMED JUNE, Steven BrysonINSURRECTION, Simon BowlerBLACK JACK, Stephen Charles Curran
SEA FEVER, Richard GuimondNAPOLEON, Kevin KarpMY SPACE LOVE, Christophe Lourenço
FINAL STATUS, Timothy Jay Smith