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We are delighted to announce the Quarter-Finalists for our Spring 2017 International Screenwriting Contest.

Since the Bonus two-week extension in late May, we’ve had a lot of scripts to get through – but it’s been an enjoyable task reading through every one submitted – so thank you to everyone who entered the contest.

We decided against many competent works for a variety of reasons. Most were simply outperformed by other scripts at this stage in their development. Some were not suited for the cinematic medium, others conceptually flawed, and some lacked commercial appeal. But the enthusiasm and dedication from each writer is clear to see, and a lot explored genuinely distinctive territory that deserves further development. This should not be the end of the journey for anyone who submitted to us.

We hope that those who did not make the Quarter-Finals will stay in touch with us: very few writers secure an industry commission with their first few screenplays. We have enjoyed our exchanges with you and continue to work hard at making this site more relevant to your careers. Don’t forget that many of our writers got their careers going by using our consulting service: CLICK HERE

If you’ve sent us a revised version of a previous script but it’s still not gained the result you were hoping for, we recommend that you consider getting a consultancy on it from us. That way you can find out what we currently feel is holding your script back. And don’t forget our latest round of contests. You can get free entry to our main contest and the Featured Script of the Month when ordering a consultancy HERE.

So, here are the WriteMovies Spring 2017 International Screenwriting Contest Quarter-Finalists, all of whom will get re-evaluated and new eyes as we select our Semi-Finalists:

ARIZONA, Natacha Astuto PERFIDIES, Bill Baber THE DAWN OF EVE, James Bingham LADY ON THE RUN, Virginia Bola ONCE A KILLER, Virginia Bola
TO DIE IN TAJOUTE, Virginia Bola THE CAGES OF CORCORAN, Virginia Bola TWO CHILDREN OF FATE, Ian Bonser INSURRECTION (Feature), Simon Bowler INSURRECTION (Pilot), Simon Bowler
THE 405, Patrick Byrne BLESSE, Bob Canning BURNER, Bob Canning THE GHOSTS OF LONDONDERRY, Bob Canning SEEMINGLY HARMONIOUS, Dengxian Cao
FELIX KERSTEN, Juniet Cedric CAPE ANGEL BLUES, Carl B. Clark ROAD KILL, Miles Colella MARIGOLD, Lisa J. Cristoforo AMERICAN HUNGER, Victor de Oliveira
CRAZY WITH LOVE, Ronald L. Ecker THE ASHERAH, Ronald Ecker COLONIALS, Ian Fletcher ROCK BOTTOM, Mark Flood DRAGONS, Jason Ginsburg
CHARMER, David Kurtz FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, David Kurtz GAMERS, Travis Lemke MYSPACE LOVE, Christophe Lourenço NEVER A WORD OF A LIE, Karl Mather
LOVE CRUSH, Hamilton Mitchell THE LOCKSMITH, Jeffrey Morales WHEN I WAS A CHILD, Terry Needham LAST RIDE OF METRO 313, Michael Neyland TABLE FOR FOUR, Jim Norman
DEPARTING O’HARE, Bill Papa SHINE YOUR EYES, Clint Pearson MALE DELIVERY, Paul Penley THE LOSING GAME, Bernhard Riedhammer HERE, THEN THERE, Paul Sargia
UP THE MAST, Andrew Smith THE LORDS OF FARHAVEN, Michael Snow RICHER THAN A WHITE MAN, Christine Stevens DeLorenzo John Smith, IRON MAIDENS THE CHERRY ROOM, Christine, Stevens DeLorenzo
BLACKBERRIES IN THE DREAM HOUSE, Patrick Towne and Diane Frank THE SECRET OF BANRION WOOD, Persephone Vandegrift THREE WISHES, Rita Wheeler LOVING MY ENEMY, Maria Rosario A. Yano

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