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Meet our Summer 2017 Screenwriting Contest Special TV Script Award Winner – INSURRECTION by Simon Bowler.

Learn all about our very first winner of the brand new “Best Teleplay or Pilot Award” Simon Bowler, and his script INSURRECTION. Simon is the first winner of the award we introduced to the Summer 2017 Contest and here’s your chance to learn more about him and why his script won him this accolade.

The fact we created these awards tells you something about the quality of the submissions we’ve been receiving in those categories lately – and now you can learn more about our TV winner Simon and his script… For winning Simon recevies free Development Notes, as well as a free re-entry to our Winter 2018 Contest.

Here’s some background on Simon:

“Originally from London, where he produced documentary films for the BBC and Channel 4, Simon has spent over twenty years in Los Angeles producing, writing and directing television docs and reality shows. Simon recently switched to drama and besides the multiple award-winning “Insurrection” mini-series (of which he’s written three episodes), he has written two award-winning plays (both at this year’s Austin Film Fest), a feature film, and is developing a classic horror anthology TV series.”

And here is a short introduction to the script:

INSURRECTION tells the interwoven stories of three men[ – a farmer, a slave and a senator – ]whose dangerous battles against slavery led to the American Civil War. [: farmer John Brown, slave Frederick Douglass, and Senator Stephen A. Douglas].

Follow in Simon’s footsteps and enter in our current main international contest. We’ll have even more winner bios from our Summer Contest coming shortly…


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