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We know that life under lockdown is hard for a lot of people at the moment, and that can make it easy to miss a deadline. So we’re providing a 2 week extension for our Summer 2020 Writing Contest, with continued script offers around resubmissions and multiple entries!

There are all the usual prizes on offer for one of our contests: a $2000 Grand Prize, plus a year of free script development, guaranteed pitching to industry and more for the top three scripts. But we’ve also reshaped our services to give the best possible support!

There are discounts available for multiple script report submissions: you’ll receive a $10 discount if you buy a second script report from us and a $20 discount if you buy a third!

And once you’ve received your report, you can submit a new draft of the same script to the contest FREE of charge!

The new extension deadline for the Summer 2020 Writing Contest is June 28th. Make sure you submit by then – click HERE to enter!


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