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For staffing reasons, we’ve had to close our longstanding competitions access for French- and German-language writers – but if you’re bilingual and would like to relaunch and run those services for us, get in touch! Email to express your interest.

Our competitions have provided a unique point of entry to the international market for writers in French and German for many years, but at the moment we only have staffing within those languages to continue to provide script consultancies in French. But we’d be delighted to hear from you if you think you could be able to deliver these services reliably and promptly on a part-time basis. We need someone who would:

  • Be fully bilingual in English and either French or German, with a high standard of written communication in your chosen language.
  • Be prepared to complete a WriteMovies internship (in English) for full training in how to appraise and develop scripts and writers to our standards. (More about our internships here: )
  • Rewrite and relaunch our offerings in their language specialty. Provide language-specific text we can turn into promotional graphics.
  • Produce regular newsletters in that language adapting the best of WriteMovies’ content and offerings into their language.
  • Handle enquiries and submissions in the language chosen, recommending promising scripts that we could develop and pitch to the international film industry.
  • Provide consultancy reports to develop any writer and script that win a high enough placing in our contests based on their recommendation, and adapt or even translate it for pitching to the international industry.
  • And, of course, have a keen interest and passion in movies and writing…

In return we can offer:

  • Payment of 50% of submissions value in your chosen language.
  • Access to around 1000 writers and industry professional contacts in your chosen language (to be handled and used appropriately within EU information security guidelines).

If this is of interest, contact our Director of World Wide Development Ian Kennedy,


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