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Our Year 2016-17 – our latest top-quality infographic all about what we’ve achieved for you in the past year since our relaunch, coming soon… this is the life of a Screenwriting Company.

WriteMovies: Our Year: 2016 - 2017

We will be bringing you our latest top-quality infographic all about what we’ve achieved for you in the past year since our relaunch: “Our Year 2016-17”. We’ll be revealing it a little bit at a time. Keep vigilant on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed so you don’t miss any of the snippets, you won’t want to miss it! Stay tuned folks…

Our Logo: 2015 – 2017

Our logo... WriteMovies. To 2015 - 2016 - 2017.

Our Website: 2015 – 2017

Our Activity…

Our Facebook: – 1802 likes, previously 1596, +12% this year!

Our Twitter: – 425 followers (+36% this year); 1450 tweets this year, increasing the combined total by 672%!

Our Newsletters: 65 informative newsletters sent to almost 6000 subscribers, including many in French and German.

Our Profile: Active Presences on 23 online writing or filmmaking platforms (previously 5) – Partnership now with 6 other writing and filmmaking platforms (previously 2)

Our Insights…

94 insightful articles published on the WriteMovies website, including:

94 insightful articles published on the WriteMovies website, including: "Winning writing is a team game: winning competitions is only the start of your journey" "Why you should 'twin' your protagonist and antagonist" "Sociopaths: What really makes people (and characters) ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ (or sometimes just brilliant)" "What your scripts have been telling us lately" "Character Driven Storytelling – why it has to be your characters who are driving your story forward" "Genre and what it really tells us".

Our Winners…

9 major international script competitions run, including all-new UK Scripts Competition

1000s of scripts received, read and considered in depth by many trained analysts and judges.

12 winners given a year of free unlimited script development support and cash prizes worth $7630.

MANY winning scripts in development to be pitched to Hollywood studios and companies. UK Winner already pitched to new UK contacts at BBC Films, Bankside Films and the BFI

4 ‘Featured Script of the Month’ winners given free consultancy and free re-entry for redrafted script.

AND: Former winner MAGNETIC by Carolyn Kras has attached Diane Nabatoff (NARC, VERY BAD THINGS) as Producer, John Amiel (ENTRAPMENT, THE CORE) as Director and WriteMovies founder Alex Ross (THE LIST) as Producer.

You can also check out our Wall of Fame 2016 RIGHT HERE.

Our Offers to Industry…

Massive savings for anyone handling many scripts, books or treatments a year, including: Submissions filtering, Script and Project Consultancy, Writing Development and Analysis of Screen Potential.

Learn even more about our Offers to Industry right HERE.

Why We Matter…

We’re a longstanding Hollywood-based script company supporting the global Filmmaking Community since 1999 – rebranded and relaunched in February 2016.

”We reward writers. We develop them. And we pitch them to industry.”

And, French & German scripts welcomed and given equal opportunities in main competitions – 15 of them among our quarter-finalists, semi-finalists and finalists this year.


Also This Year…

We appointed Ian Kennedy new Director of World Wide Development

We had a successful rebranding and relaunch: PayPal income increased almost 650% on 2015; new logos and over 100 new idents and graphics provided.

Dozens of Script Consultancy reports provided and several Elite consultancies with top Hollywood producers including Tom Craig (SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE, RAINMAN), generating excellent feedback

12 Talented trainees from across the globe managed and mentored through 8-week ‘virtual internship’ scheme. Providing experience of script analysis and the Hollywood script development system. All awarded a WriteMovies certificate of achievement.

More to come soon! Keep coming back for more!


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