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If you’re looking to keep inspired, progressing, and connecting throughout the current lockdowns, we’ve got the answer: the WriteMovies 100-Day Creative Challenge launches on Monday!

Our Director recently provided his thoughts about how writers should respond to the lockdowns, and the 100-Day Creative Challenge is our answer to that question – as well as how we plan to provide you with the best possible help in these difficult times.

We’ll be providing you with a daily prompt for a half-hour of creative activity to start your day, which will generate creative material and ideas you can take further, AND teach you something important about yourself as a writer, and about the key craft of writing, EVERY DAY – in a clear sequence of steps that will bring your skills and knowledge to a clear conclusion.

And don’t forget that the first deadline for both our Sci-Fi and Fantasy Award 2020 and Summer 2020 Screenwriting Contest is fast approaching! You’ve got until Sunday May 3rd to enter at standard entry prices, so don’t miss out –  click here to submit your script as soon as possible!