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Tory Williams, the overall WriteMovies Summer 2016 screenwriting contest winner, came out on top for his script RINGMASTER.

An achievement to be proud of for a long time – Tory Williams, the WriteMovies Summer 2016 screenwriting competition 1st placed winner, came out on top for his script RINGMASTER. A very intriguing and intelligent script and one deserving of this acclaim. We are delighted to be able to bring more information about Tory and his winning script.

For finishing as our overall winner Tory receives:

  • The grand cash prize of $2000.
  • 1 Full year of script mentoring for the winners, including development notes on all re-writes of winning scripts. Worth $3,200.
  • Up to $1 million in option monies from the A-List producers we work with. If an established studio/production company with theatrical credits wishes to option the script, we will fly the winner to Los Angeles and pay (up to $4,000) for their accommodation.
  • We will pitch the top three projects to relevant production companies (such as Neal Moritz Productions, Bruckheimer Films, Scott Rudin Prods.) & studios (Paramount, Warner Bros, Universal, etc.). You keep ALL the option/sales money. The names of the top three winners and their projects are mentioned in press releases and on the web. The names of the top three winners and their projects are mentioned in press releases and on the web.

Our winner Tory pictured with some of his previous projects!

Here’s some background on Tory:

“I’m a young 24-year-old actor, martial artist, and writer from Little Rock, AR. I’m currently living in Burbank, CA, with goals to become an great actor in major action movies and comedies. I enjoy fitness, dancing, and love martial arts movies. I’ve acted in plays and short films since I was a child, and have always loved writing movies. I especially wanted to write movies I could star in. I used to write everything I watched on tv to learn, and when I got Blade II on DVD as a kid, you could see the script if you put it in a computer, so that’s where I learned structure and formatting.”

And here is a short introduction to the script:

RINGMASTER is about a college student who enters an underground MMA tournament for money for college. On a night out, after offending a woman, Cristina Perez, in a bar, Devon Marks gets beat up by her. After finding out she’s his new Spanish teacher and seeing her boyfriend, MMA bad boy Aiden Mars,  beat her in front of him, he decides to let her train him for the tournament. With a bit of laughs, intense action, and life lessons, I believe it can be an inspiring movie to see.

Congratulations to Tory on being named our overall winner!

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