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Exclusive reveal from Dr Alex Ross’s groundbreaking new book.

Due out in May, this fascinating new volume will open up unique insights into how Hollywood invented and evolved its ‘calculated blockbuster’, and its future in the age of streaming. Check out the book’s newly-unveiled cover, including inspiring quotes and testimonials we’ll share below! Just another example of the value we at WriteMovies bring to the industry and to your projects: all our consultancy services can be delivered by Dr Alex Ross directly. Get in touch today!

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Here’s the cover to BLOCKBUSTED…

Blockbusted book cover revealed


And here’s what it has to say…

“This book outlines in extensive and unique detail how studios make money not just on blockbusters, but also eventually from all movies, as Alexander Ross uses his vast experience, inside knowledge, and scholarly expertise to lay out both the successes and the mistakes of the ‘blockbuster era.’ I highly recommend it to scholars in film studies and business, film school students working toward a career in the film industry, and budding film producers and studio executives.”
– Hal Lieberman, Former Head of Production at Universal Pictures

“This book provides an original and welcome contribution to the literature about Hollywood. Building on his ears of experience in the film industry, insights from prominent industry actors, and rigorous research, Alexander Ross offers a compelling account of the risk of the modern blockbuster business model through details case studies of seminal movies, and of its viability in the streaming video-on-demand age. A valuable read for cinema students, scholars, and professionals.”
– Allègre Hadida, Universty of Cambridge

“In these case studies, Ross debunks many myths built up about them. His case studies demonstrate the relentless attention of studio executives to the possibilities of generating revenue. This book captures this practice and, in so doing, provides a valuable contribution to the hard-nosed worldview of Hollywood.”
– John Sedgwick, Oxford Brookes University

In this book, Alexander Ross highlights how creative entrepreneurs saved the Hollywood studios in the 1970s by establishing the calculated blockbuster, consisting of key replicable markers of success, as Hollywood’s preeminent business model. Ross demonstrates how visionary individuals such as Coppola, Spielberg, Lucas, and Zemeckis helped create the modern, calculated blockbuster business model (BBM). However, with the rise of streaming giants and the studios struggling to compete, many consumers of entertainment now elect to partake from the comfort of their homes, making the difference between “cinema” and “television” anachronistic. Revisiting the history of those 1970s blockbusters and their ongoing impact on contemporary filmmaking, Ross offers distinct analysis on whether the calculated blockbuster can continue to lead, or if the streamers will continue to generate their own content and, eventually, fully control the dissemination process. For scholars and students in film, pop culture, and business along with aspiring filmmakers, screenwriters, producers, and executives, the book will be a valued resource.

Alexander Ross is a researcher in history at New College, University of Oxford.


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