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We’re really pleased to announce the first winner from our Spring 2018 Contest – and the first winner for our newest category, the Best Video Game Script! Video games are a huge and growing market, and often cost as much as the biggest movies to make. Their scope and scriptwriting are often as intricate as the best movie scripts, and on a much bigger scale. We wanted to offer a new prize for video game scripts to reward writers who can see the potential of that market for writers and who can stake a claim to it.

We’ve enjoyed reading all of the work that was submitted, so a big thank-you to everyone who entered. Unfortunately, only one script could take away this first prize. So, in the category of Best Video Game Script, the winner is:

Richard Guimond!
(Based on a Concept by Alan Bright)

Congratulations to Richard on this success! For winning Best Video Game Script, Richard now receives a copy of our Confidential Studio Manual, an essential read for any writer who wants to get an insider’s perspective on what happens to a script trying to get attention in the international industry. Richard also wins exclusive previews of our Virtual Film School videos and resources – a place where you can take your screenwriting and production skills to the next level, and start your journey to the top – which will be publicly launched soon!

If you’ve got a great idea for a video game, check out our Elite Mentoring service.  Mark Brendan, our Video Games and Board Games Elite Mentor, can give you valuable advice that will help you develop your script to its maximum potential.

Take a look at Mark’s profile here ( and our full list of Elite Mentors here (!

And stay tuned for next week when we announce another winner on 13th July: Best Stageplay!