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WriteMovies Academy has arrived, and it’s arrived in style! We gave 23 fee-paying customers a preview run of whichever phases of the course they ordered, and the feedback we received was extremely positive, with an overall user rating of over 90%!

Our Virtual Film School is a unique way to elevate your screenwriting and production skills to the next level, while also bringing you closer to the industry than traditional film schools – and all from the comfort of your own home and in your own time.

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Providing them with Mini-Masterclasses, tools, and activities, our first set of users were given a month to prepare for and work through each phase, ending with a joint session for those who were available, with feedback forms provided at the end of it.

Here are just some of the comments we received!

“Very well done and innovating: inspires me to write everytime”

“I think this is a wonderful collaborative space”

“I thought that this session was excellent and allowed me to make numerous changes to my script”

“A very useful course for me personally”

Plus, the confidence of our users jumped by 18.5% in the subjects covered and by 17% in their own projects – per phase of the course! And here are their ratings for the different parts of the course:

Mini-Masterclass Presenter: 93%
Presentation Media and resources: 91%
Presentation Content: 89%
Course Activities: 89%

WriteMovies Academy is committed to excellence, and is the place to be for people who are passionate about great writing. If you want to join our first set of users in boosting your confidence and abilities, join now: enrolment is now open for each phase of the official course!

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We asked our users to return handwritten feedback to help demonstrate their authenticity – take a look below. All relevant feedback is shown here in full: user names and confidential project information have been redacted consistently on all forms but all relevant feedback is included in full.



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