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There’s nothing more frustrating for us than reading a script that’s been submitted before it’s ready. It’s got a killer concept, it’s packed full of great ideas, and all the right ingredients are there – but it’s undercooked. It needed more time.

So how can you make sure your script is ready to be submitted? Here are the steps every writer should take and the things they should look out for…

  • Don’t stop after your first draft. A lot of writers finish their first draft and think their script is done, but there’s a lot more work to be done. This is the time to start editing: writing is rewriting. There’s a reason we dedicate an entire phase of our WriteMovies Academy to the art of writing a second draft!
  • But before you start rewriting, take some time off. You don’t want to lose momentum, but you’ll be too close to your writing after finishing your first draft. Step away for a few weeks (or even months, if it helps!) and come back to it with a fresh perspective. Give yourself enough time to look at it objectively.
  • Proofread. Making a good first impression is vital, which is why we always say that the first ten pages are the most important of any script. When we encounter spelling errors and poor grammar in your opening pages, we immediately start thinking that your script needs more work.
  • Get feedback. No, not from your mother or your best friend! Join a writers group where people will give you frank, honest feedback about your script’s weaknesses and where it needs work – or even better, get advice from the professionals by buying one of our script reports, which are currently on offer in our Black Friday Sale! Our industry expert script analysts will provide a detailed report about how your work stands in today’s industry and which will help take it to the next level.
  • Proofread it all again! Think you’ve done everything? Been through all the above steps? Never mind, check it over once again – you never know when a spelling mistake might creep onto the first page…
  • Let it go. After a while, you’ll reach a point of diminishing returns. Some writers never stop trying to make everything perfect, but in the end you’re better off stopping before that point. Don’t drive yourself mad. Start submitting it and move on to another project!

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And once you’ve done everything you need to, make sure you submit to our current contests. Our Romance and Comedy Award 2021 is open until January 17th and our Winter 2021 Screenwritng Contest is open until January 31st .

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