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WriteMovies Oscars Nominees Reaction: Original Screenplay – The Original Screenplay category is where we have a couple of big hitters come into play… GET OUT and THE SHAPE OF WATER will be the big favorites for this category – and rightly so. Both are outstanding pieces that deserve some recognition in this category.

But let’s not forget the other three. THE BIG SICK, LADY BIRD, and THREE BILLBOARDS are all strong in their own right, and LADY BIRD in particular could challenge the big two in this category.

What is particularly interesting in this category is that THE BIG SICK is the only film that does not have its writer(s) also directing, while Jordan Peele, Guillermo del Toro, and Greta Gerwig have all received directorial nominations, respectively. This category is so difficult to call – and that’s just great! John and Jamie will try and call it anyway, though…


John: Well, well, well… what a toughie! I don’t think there will be a surprise here, though. I’m going for GET OUT here.

Jamie: As much as I love del Toro, I think GET OUT or LADY BIRD will take this. And because I think del Toro will take Directing, Peele will get this as a “consolation”.

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