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WMC 39 ran from September 2015 until late in the year. See below for more details – our new competition will continue in this vein with new features!


Take your Chance to be the next Academy Award winner discovered by WriteMovies founder Alex Ross. The WriteMovies International Writing Contest for screenwriters, TV Writers, Playwrights, Novelists and Short Story writers. Like 1000’s of other successful writers, you can find out if you have the right project for the studios and if you do, we will go to bat for you! Alex Ross (founder of WriteMovies), has discovered two Academy Award nominees. Will you be the third? Let him show you how to make your script fly. When it does, he will personally submit it to several top agencies, production companies and studios for you. Only 1000 entries will be accepted. Enter early and save! Out of close to three hundred “contest sites,” WriteMovies is one of only a handful that has produced movies from winning projects. “The List”, was written by WriteMovies winner Marcus Folmar and distributed by Warner Bros. Several novels have also been published and plays produced. Production companies, studios and agencies contact us all the time about our winners. The founder of the company discovered Andrew Niccol who wrote & produced THE TRUMAN SHOW (Academy Nominated) as well as Iris Yamashita, Academy Nominated for LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA amongst others. We succeed when you succeed.

Contest Dates and Deadlines

  • Early Bird Entry (September 3rd – September 19th): $19
  • Standard Entry (September 24th – October 15th): $29
  • Late Entry (October 16th – November 25th): $39
  • Extended Late Entry limited availability (November 7th – November 25th): $49
  • Flat Fee for Books: $54

Contest Result Dates

  • Quarter Finals: January 8th
  • Semi Finals: January 29th
  • Finals: February 17th
  • Winners: March 23rd

Entry terms and prizes:

Entries must have cover sheet with contact info in order to be considered.
Grand Prize: $2,000 in cash and guaranteed representation.
1 Full year of script mentoring for the winners, including development notes on all re-writes of winning scripts. Worth $3,200
Up to $1 million in option monies from the A-List producers we work with. If an established studio/production company with theatrical credits wishes to option the script, we will fly the winner to Los Angeles and pay (up to $4,000) for their accommodation.>We will pitch the top three projects to relevant production companies (such as Neal Moritz Productions, Bruckheimer Films, Scott Rudin Prods.) &studios (Paramount, Warner Bros, Universal, etc.). You keep ALL the option/sales money. The Grand Prize winner is also pitched to several literary agencies and management companies as well as non-US companies to increase the chances of a sale. We will pitch your script to companies such as CAA, ICM, William Morris Endeavor, ACME, The Gage Group, etc. The names of the top three winners and their projects are mentioned in press releases and on the web. The second-place winner will receive our free Platinum consulting package. The third-place winner will receive our free Gold consulting package. Intensive pitch coaching to help you get immediate attention and stand out as a pro amongst the hordes of wannabes.

Note: We no longer accept checks due to issues with fraud. Please use the Paypal options when participating.