Race relations in the USA have taken shocking new turns in recent days. We believe it’s only when injustices become historic, not current, that the nation can begin to heal.

We have backed projects over the years that have highlighted both historic and current injustices against the African American community, including Grand Prize contest winners BLACKOUT.CON and SLAVE SHIP in recent years, and will continue to back these kinds of projects in the future whenever we believe they’re ready to take to a global audience.

We also produced feature film THE LIST by another WriteMovies winner, with nearly all major parts and key roles like scriptwriter and director also held by other talent from African American backgrounds, showing another side to the evolving racial landscape of America, in a romantic story focused on African Americans rising in the media industries. Find out more about these projects below.

The root causes of injustice are the place we should all look to bring about change, if we agree that the current situation cannot be accepted – which, for different reasons, both sides of this debate do.

We all have a part to play in righting the wrongs of America’s racial injustices, past and present, and we are committed to doing ours.

  1. THE LIST – a former WriteMovies winning script by Marcus Folmar we produced as a feature film and got distributed by Warner Bros for a decade, a romantic comedy about black professionals rising in the media and advertising industries. We’re open to offers for new distribution for this excellent film starring Wayne Brady, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, Tatyana Ali and Jane Lynch.
  2. BLACKOUT.CON – a Grand Prize winner from a few years ago about two young African Americans who find a unique and dangerous new way to support and protect their community.
  3. SLAVE SHIP – another Grand Prize winner, a nuanced take on the Transatlantic slave trade in which a trafficked African decides to stay aboard his slave ship to help his countrymen to survive the harrowing journey. He goes on to play a key role in the founding of modern Haiti, independent and free from slavery.

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