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A claustrophobic survival story: a small but strong woman is the only chance for a man trapped miles underground. THE PINCH by James Raynor is a gripping script that took a very worthy 2nd place in our Fall 2019 Screenwriting Contest!

James has won a year of free script development worth up to $3200, guaranteed pitching to industry, and more. See below to find out more about THE PINCH and James.

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Here’s a summary of THE PINCH:

When caver Justin finds his leg trapped beneath a massive boulder deep in a cavern, the only one small enough to reach him and strong enough to get the boulder off is Amanda, a petite former gymnast who is struggling badly with the untimely loss of her long-term partner. Now she must travel deep into the earth, scuba diving through miles of flooded cave in the most hostile environment on the planet.

Reaching Justin, she attempts to save his life using every trick in the book, while he deals with the grave nature of his situation by trying to save her. Both of them trapped, Justin physically and Amanda emotionally, they quickly develop a close bond.

Meanwhile, the cave works against them; its nearly supernatural qualities taking a profound psychological toll on those involved. Amanda must simultaneously battle her own head and her emotional pit of quicksand, all while dealing with the insurmountable task of setting Justin free.

james raynor - writer of THE PINCH

And here’s a quick bio of THE PINCH’s writer, James Raynor:

James Raynor is a writer who grew up in northern Wisconsin, and currently resides in Venice, CA.

Originally a classical musician, he turned to writing when he discovered his love for the art of story in college. A graduate of Columbia College, he currently has a career in the Los Angeles tech-start-up space.

Obsessed with story, James employs the techniques and principles he learned as a classical musician to his story telling. His work covers many genres but his niche is modern dramas about extraordinary, yet everyday people.

Infused with his writing is a childhood love of nature, and THE PINCH is the product of his childhood experience scuba diving and exploring in caves.


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