Missed the deadline for the WriteMovies Spring Contest? Don’t worry! We’ve extended the contest for another two weeks, giving you until June 6th to enter!

As the world gets back to normal and the summer months approach, it’s that time of year where we can start having ice cream at the beach or lawn parties in our neighbourhood.

However, it’s also the time of year where we can get back to filling seats in the movie theatre and let our mind wander into the world of mind-bending, fantastical superhero worlds of the blockbuster picture.

While the world was in almost-total lockdown, cinema-going was off the table – and despite the substitution of streaming, there’s no doubt people can’t wait to get back in front of a big screen!

Since the invention of the blockbuster with Steven Spielberg’s JAWS in 1975, audiences have flocked to see multimillion Hollywood films every summer, and producers are still searching for the next big hit with the potential to fill cinema seats over the summer months.

Do you have a screenplay that could be the next great summer blockbuster? Click here to enter our contest now before it’s too late!

Grand Prize: $3500

Plus, the top three scripts in the Spring 2021 Screenwriting Contest all receive:

  • A year of free script development worth up to $3200
  • Guaranteed pitching to industry
  • An invitation to a lunch with an industry executive in L.A.
  • Exclusive listing from InkTip

And you can get free entry to the Spring 2021 Screenwriting Contest when you buy feedback from us:

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