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There were a lot of scripts we loved in the WriteMovies Romance and Comedy Award, but in the end we’ve found “the one” – and today, we announce our winner!

This contest was tightly contested and there were many worthy submissions. From heartbreaking love stories to knee-slapping comedies, we’ve been put through the full range of emotions.

But don’t get disheartened if you aren’t the winner! WriteMovies has plenty of services to help you develop your script even further, such as script reports and mentoring. Plus, here are a few tips about the sort of things that helped decide the winner:

  • Give your script a unique selling point! We read a lot of scripts that had a very similar concept and followed the same formula. Make sure you stand out from the crowd.
  • Different kinds of comedy appeal to different people, but that’s not a bad thing. When writing comedy, know your audience and target them; don’t try to appeal to everyone, because you’ll never manage it.
  • Subtext is always important in dialogue, but especially in the romance genre where there’s so much focus on emotions. Keep the dialogue realistic; don’t have characters just outright state their feelings all the time.
  • Conflict is drama; without it, your story becomes lifeless. Just because your characters are in love, that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be conflict, so make sure you include it!

Don’t forget that all submissions have also been entered for free into the WriteMovies 2022 Screenwriting Contest, meaning you’ve still got the chance to win the prizes on offer there! Our Sci-Fi and Fantasy Award is also now open, so why not try your luck there?

But now it’s time to announce the winner of the WriteMovies Romance and Comedy Award 2022…


By Alys Murray

A big congratulations to Alys, who has won guaranteed pitching to industry, two sets of Development Notes, and continued script development from us!

We’ll be telling you more about Alys and her script soon. Don’t forget to check which of our other Romance and Comedy Award entrants will progress to the WriteMovies 2022 Writing Contest Quarter-Finals on July 1st!

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