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The WriteMovies Privacy Policy has been updated, effective from July 1st 2020.

No rights or protections for clients have been removed, but we have updated the Policy to make explicit our simultaneous compliance to the highest international data protection standards as embodied by the California Consumer Protection Act, the EU General Data Protection Regulation, and the UK’s Data Protection Act and evolving relationship to other territories post-Brexit.

We have also extended the GDPR rights of UK/EU citizens to all our customers and followers, in order to continue to embody best practice in these fast-evolving areas of legislation. And we’ve also brought all activities of our partners Talent Scout International Management under the scope of this privacy policy.

Also, for avoidance of doubt, we have now committed to retaining for 7 years any data that might later be required by statutory authorities overseeing financial or tax compliance retrospectively (previously a few of these data types such as Customer Name were separately due for deletion after 5 years).

We’ve also provided greater clarity about how we manage the ‘Other personal data types’ that can from time to time be present, such as within emails, website cookies and hosting logs.

We are also updating our Cookie notifications and settings and these will be clear to you as soon as you visit the site soon.

Click here to see the updated Privacy Policy.