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Need Practice Pitching your script?

Pitch it to Tom Craig, former Sr. Exec VP at Universal Studios, the man who brought you: “Rainman” and “Shakespeare in Love”.

Are your hundreds of query letters being answered with “We don’t take projects without representation”? Got a quality script but no one is giving you the time of day? Want to skip all the deafening silence from the overworked junior executives?

Skip right to the top! Speak directly with the former Senior Executive VP of Production at Universal – Tom Craig. Pitch your script to a pro with several years of high level studio experience. If Tom Craig likes your pitch he will consider optioning and developing it, furthemore he will recommend it to rossWWmedia, Corp. for consideration as part of their production slate and also pass it on to TalentScout International Management to consider for representation and exposure to several production companies and studios. If your project has been fine-tuned and ready to go, get it in the hands of someone who can do something!
  • The Pitch will happen over the phone, always speaking directly with Tom (not an assistant)
  • For 15 minutes, the writer can pitch as many projects as they like to Tom Craig who will then decide whether or not your project is something he might be interested in handling for possible production. If he gives a positive nod to the project, rossWWmedia Productions will also be open to reading the project.
  • The 15 minute session can be used however the writer wants. We suggest pitching two ideas max, leaving Tom Craig enough time to give you constructive feedback, not only on the quality of your story but also on your pitching skills, with a view to improving both.
  • Tom Craig has over 10+ years in the field of production and development at Universal Pictures and United Artists. (He was responsible for guiding Rainman, Shakespeare in Love, White Palace and Beethoven through the studios.) His ability to spot quality projects quickly is top notch and now he’s offering his own time to hear out talented new writers who are finding it difficult to just get noticed after exhausting the traditional means.
  • Tom Craig – Detailed Resume and Other Services

Before the Pitch Session

  • Prepare your pitch(es) ahead of time.
  • Practice before the alloted time begins.
  • Give our coordinator a plan of action ahead time so that Tom Craig can be prepped in case he’s expected to provide more critique on style or just listen to a series of ideas.
  • Consider recording your session with a tape recorder or other device in order to review the feedback you’ll be receiving.

How to Apply

Click here for the application form. Fill in the details of the project (no script needs to be attached, the pitch will only happen verbally) and click “submit”. You will then be prompted with 3 paypal buttons.
Payment Options: 30 Minute Pitch (minimum): $94 45 Minute Pitch: $141 1-Hour Pitch : $188   APPLY HERE!