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We’re halfway through our online Introduction to Professional Screenwriting Course, but it’s never too late to join. The next session in the course is coming up this Thursday, April 29th: Second Drafts!

Writing is rewriting – and that’s what this workshop is all about. Writing a first draft is always an achievement, but it’s the editing process that will allow your script to fulfil its true potential.

In this session, we’ll be talking about how to redraft your script to make it even better. Find out how to polish your work to perfection and make it shine!

You will learn:

  • Making an even better iteration of your script
  • Editing methods, tools, and notations
  • Rewriting tips and processes
  • How writing is rewriting

You can learn the skills YOU need by picking and choosing your sessions. Each workshop is designed to work on its own and as part of the wider course – so if you didn’t attend the other workshops in this course, you can still pick up here!

Second Drafts – takes place this Thursday, April 29th. Click here to sign up now or find out about the future sessions in the course which focus on pitching, promoting, and building your career as a writer!


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