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Learn how to create an outline for your script and plan everything out so you never put a foot wrong when writing. Our Online Introduction to Professional Screenwriting Course continues with a class on Development and Outlining on February 25th!

So you’ve got a great concept – what next? You could just start writing, but without a roadmap for how your story plays out, you can end up getting it wrong – and then having to rewrite the whole thing!

Our online Development and Outlining workshop will help you avoid mis-steps. You will learn about:

  • Outlining and creative landscaping
  • Elements such as structure and characters
  • Story types and expectations
  • Vital tools for writers such as beat sheets and treatments

And if you missed the first session in the course, don’t worry – it’s still available as view on demand for the next 3 weeks! Click here to buy and gain access to it for $30, or buy the whole six-session course here for $150 .

So save the date for February 25th, when our online course continues with this session on Development and Outlining – click HERE to book your place today!


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